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Via Meucci, 16 - 20019 - Settimo Milanese (MI), Italy
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From the Intercosmetics laboratories RAYWELL TERMAL ICE PURE has been created ; it is an innovative tricology line which bases its composition on the synergie of the thermal water of the Zermatt glacier rich in very pure nourishing, antioxidative and energizing bio minerals, the soya hydrating and re-balancing liposomes, mixtures of vegetable phytoextracts and the use of a natural highly innovative carrier coming from sulphur helping the penetration of the functional substances suitable to prevent all the skin and hair anomalies. This coupling makes the products forming the RAYWELL TERMAL ICE PURE line extremely rich in active substances specific for skin anomalies and the hair health. Skin tests make the product sure and non irritating. Its effectiveness has been tested on volunteers of both sexes. Shampoo Esfolia Anti-dandruff treating shampoo ANTI-DANDRUFF TREATING SHAMPOO EXFOLIA It carries out a hygienizing and purifing action on the scalp with the dandruff presence. It contains pure thermal water rich in bio minerals and specific phytoextracts. Anti-dandruff treatment exfolianting ANTI-DANDRUFF TREATMENT EXFOLIATING 6 treating phials with pure thermal water and a mixture of vegetable phytoextracts such as sage, ivy, water-cress, propolis, Islamic lichen, rosemary and hydrastis which with their synergy carry out a marked hygienizing, purifing and exfoliating action on the scalp in order to remove the existing dandruff and to prevent its reforming. Its use is suggested together with a specific exfoliating shampoo. Shampoo for fall prevention women TREATING SHAMPOO FOR FALL PREVENTION WOMEN â
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