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Hair dryer for hairdressers, hair straighteners, clothing and items for hairdressers, hairbrushes

Via Canzo 6/16 - 20068 - Peschiera Borromeo (MI), Italy
Tel: +39.02.55185380 - Fax: +39.02.59902296

The company Giubra was set up in the far 1967 and since then, the constant search for quality in all its expressions has always been its distinguishing mark.
Originally, the company used to carry out a production activity dedicated, mainly, to the creation and manufacture of working clothes for the hair-dressing sector, such as gowns, kimonos, capes for hair trimming, and so on (Fashion section). Subsequently, this production activity was integrated with a commercial section, which has been operating for over fifteen years, for the marketing and sale of a wider range of products and accessories spanning from vaporisers to dispensers, from scissors to brushes, practically any article used in a professional hair and beauty salon. The commercial section is divided into four segments: disposable products (capes, gowns, slippers, etc.), electrical (straightening and curling irons, hair dryers), promotion (gowns, hats, pochettes) and accessories (curlers, hairnets, hair clips, etc.).
The in-depth knowledge, acquired in over thirty years of business, allows Giubra to offer products able to satisfy the most demanding technical/professional requirements, while combining a stylish and attractive design. Furthermore, its global market approach, which is at the basis of this dynamic and modern company policy, drives it to explore and study products from all over the world, and then select those standing out for both high quality standard and innovative content.
Its development and research department is always very attentive towards market conditions, it analyses its trends and inclinations and enables Giubra to offer a product range which is always innovative and inspiring, while providing original and unique solutions to the companies it works with. The result is the realisation of personalised and promotional items and high impact products, with a significant added value.
Last, but certainly not least, the company can offer its customers an optimum quality/price ratio and a competent and well organized after sales service.

Giubra Italy Professionals hairdryer for beauty salon.
Giubra Italy Professionals accessories and supplies for hairdressers.
Equipment for hairdressers, hair dryer, stylists clothing, plates for hair, hair clippers.
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